25 Jealous Boyfriend Signs – Guys and Jealousy | What Makes Guys Jealous  

Jealous Boyfriend

Do guys get jealous? Absolutely they do, but I never thought I’d wear the jealous boyfriend cap someday. I used to hear more about jealous girlfriend /women until I walked the path of a jealous boyfriend! Guys get jealous over a love interest basically; you’ve got a jealous man when… Continue reading

8 ‘Ifs’ For Getting Back Together – He Dumped Me Next He Wants Me Back

Getting Back Together

Taking a gamble of getting back together with boyfriend after he dumped you may be worth it in the end.  Hearts are meant to be broken; while some broken hearts never mend, some real love will never die.  You’re processing in the monologue why he dumped you, and then next,… Continue reading

Second Marriage –11 New Ways To Make 2nd Marriage Better And Enduring  

second marriage

Looking for marriage number 2 is tough; be it second marriage due to spouse demise or second marriage after divorce. What’s your answer to ‘are second marriages happier’? It’s been reported that second marriage success is lower than a first marriage. But, second marriage brides claim things are better; they… Continue reading

The Real Love – How To Know You Are In Love | 25 Easy Signs          

The Real Love

To be in love is to have real love for that person, none else gets close in comparison. Real love means his personality and vibes have more value than his net worth and appearance to you. Real love recalls everything about him including your first impression of him when you… Continue reading