Attentionwhore – 15 Spot Signs | Solution When Dating An Attention Seeker


If you’ve ever dated attentionwhore, you’d know this. All attentionwhores will string you along while receiving validation from you to suit their ego and selfish agenda. Anybody craving attention is unstable and insecure for someone who craves attention lacks self-respect and earns respect from nobody. You love this person (attention… Continue reading

14 Acts That Push Away Men – Huge Mistakes Women Make In Relationships

push away men

Any push away drive is what scares men away; it’s like Achilles heel that they can’t handle in their relationship. Why would women do these things that scare guys away when in fact they want the opposite? We all make mistakes; things that push away men are mistakes one shouldn’t… Continue reading

Find Girlfriend – Staying With Clingy Girlfriend | Relationship Advice

Clingy Girlfriend

Clingy girlfriends don’t know the implication of their clingy behavior. To find girlfriend, you met personae physically and virtually through online dating profile who didn’t seem clingy girlfriend type. This perfect girlfriend you’re dating becomes a needy and clingy girlfriend; don’t like the overly affectionate girlfriend anymore. An obsessed girlfriend… Continue reading