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Is the respect women topic relatable to you because you have a female in your life or family? Am sorry, but that doesn’t amount to much, the best relation would be for you to wear women’s ‘shoes’. That way, you would know exactly where it hurts and how. There’s little or no respect for women in society; they’re, doubted, abused, blamed and bullied when harassments and assaults issues are reported. If men respect women and treat a woman right as should, there won’t be all the current hashtag movements.

Respect Women

Women deserve respect; the role of men is to respect women while that of a woman should be to provide the respect. I agree that not all men are rude and ill-mannered and no one respects women more than I do. For some women, self-respect and dignity are totally missing, they are neither high value nor low-value women. Irrespective of this, you should respect women of any size, color, age, and orientation. Not only is she someone’s mum, wife, sister, lover/friend, and daughter but also real men respect women.

Sometime when you don’t get it or you’re in doubt of how to treat a woman like a lady, here are steps on how to respect women and treat a woman right. It’s a well-researched resource to guide in navigating on any type of relationship that you may have that involves a female(s).

Steps On How To Respect Women  And Treat A Woman Right

Be The Change Agent

Men should be the change they want. Oftentimes, the motherhood statement is respect women but no one takes the steps (actions) towards addressing the issue. The actions of a change agent go a long way in teaching boys to respect women at work, society, and home.

Speak Out On Respect Women

Real men treat women with respect; you may not be the president of women’s movement but you’re endowed with many things – special privileges and platforms, then use it to speak out against the inequality and unfairness women face everywhere and every day.

No Special Treatment For Specific Stereotype

There’s uniqueness to every person, don’t reserve or display your respect to specific female stereotypes. Respect females and treat a woman right because any female is potentially a mother, wife, sister, lover/friend, and daughter to someone.  By showing respect to all female types, you equally respect your woman.

Respect Women With Complimentary And Not Comparing Words

Women respect women and have them as the role model; comparing a female with another will only mess with her head. Comparison brings demarcation and portrays you as not being genuine. Complimenting women genuinely is a sign of respect.

Listening Is A Respect Women Sign

Some men interrupt women when they are talking or telling a story, believing themselves to know the storyline. How do you feel as a man when someone rains in on your parade? Not only is it disrespectful, it’s demeaning also.

Take Her Reply At Face Value

Be it her response to your ‘honorable’ proposal, help or and move on. Don’t act out your frustration because you’re stronger physically. Her refusal doesn’t degrade, what humiliates you is your bullying reaction which shows you have no respect towards women.

Use Your Mum As Muse And When Unsure

When in doubt of how to show respect to the opposite gender, turn to your mum. If you know that your mum won’t accept such outburst or behavior from you, then don’t do it, stop the harassment.

Refrain From Interjecting Or Editing Her Work Or Word

Men often edit story or information by a woman before giving or getting approval; it has become so common that some assume its normal practice. When a man respects a woman, he doesn’t pick her work and ‘polish’ it without her approval; this is against intellectual property right.

Respect Women And Give Her The Benefits Of Doubt

Rather than believe her, men often chose a guy’s version of the same story simply because of men’s code. That’s gross! Men would want their sister, mum, wife/lover and daughter to be heard and believed that the guy. So believe her when she complains and never judge her that she put herself in the situation.

 Respect Women And Don’t Generalize All Women

It’s a human thing to transfer aggression meant for a culprit to an innocent bystander. Just like it’s not all men that are sexual assaulter or violent so also isn’t all women who lie and cheat. So when a particular woman jilts/declines/divorces you, don’t assume that all women are same.

So, its key that men should respect women, not because all women deserve respect but because treating women right with respect, kindness and equality changes the whole family and society at large.

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