The Real Love – How To Know You Are In Love | 25 Easy Signs          

To be in love is to have real love for that person, none else gets close in comparison. Real love means his personality and vibes have more value than his net worth and appearance to you. Real love recalls everything about him including your first impression of him when you started talking. When you wake up and suddenly life has a new meaning. If your face radiates, breaks into a smile, steps have a sprint at seeing him; it’s not a passing attraction, you’re in love. You can only feel real love as it’s hard to describe

The Real Love

If your real love is the only one, who gets you, makes you happy. You’ve never reached that emotional connection level with none except him. He gives you wing to fly and ensures that you are comfortable for takeoff; the more you know about him, the fonder you’ve become of him. Neither the distance nor time can dim your chaste and pure hope for a future together. If you look for better words to express your mental, emotional yearning and words fail you. You’re in love; real love, not some physical charm.

Here’s how to know you are in love. Go through the tips below, if more than 50% of them speak to you, then your verdict is real love.

25 Real Love Sign On How To Know You Are In Love

Have Common Values And Ethics

Your shared value and ethics drew you together in the first place; you cry and sing and dance together. You believe in same cause and engage in foundations with the same goal. Communication is so easy because you are involved in each other life. This is real love.

Real Love Brings Laugh And Sunshine

There’s never a dull moment when you ‘re with your real love; he strums up your grey day with the right keys. Only him knows how to poke fun at your angry face to bring a smile followed by laughter. He revived your bubbly side.

You Are His Priority

You are not an option; what concerns you concerns him, he makes futuristic plans that cover both of you. He brings projects that benefit you and you see yourself in his future as he talks often about it.

I Love You For Who You Are

Although you have some imperfection; coming from different background, he doesn’t want to change a thing about you. He accepts you even with the mole on your face and objectively feeds you back on progress toward a more attractive you.

Real Love Inspires You To Be A Better Person

He inspires you to give in 100% to reach greater heights, he challenges and encourages you to dig in your heels. You want to grow for your real love because each day with him is a new learning point.

Destined To Be Yours

You were introduced because of your similar characters; you were meant to be together. You were both at the same place for a similar purpose; the amazing thing is how you hit it off immediately. You both were meant to be together.

Your Real Love Is Your Best Friend Ever

You are perfect for each other; as teammates, besties, and companion. It’s exciting how you are free to talk to him and about any stuff with your real love; you’re free to be you and not wear your wig or makeup.

Real Love Believes In You

He is your number one cheer person; he sees and fans the spark in you even when others don’t. He is there to catch you when your bubble bursts; he’ so real with his uplifting words and actions.

You Get Best Snuggle And Kiss

In as much as you may not admit it, his hugs literally end depression/ relieve anxiety thereby erasing hurt or pain; you’re comfortable in each other’s company, alone and lost to the world. You are not afraid that your needs would be misinterpreted or rejected.

Understands Your Mood; Telepathic

Your real love grows betters each passing; consequently, your emotional and mental connection is reaching a new level. He takes a look at you and knows what you want; a cheer up or give me space. Your comfort is important to him.

Respectful Of Your Important Things

Real love not only remembers your birthday but other key dates in your life like your mum’s date. He acts respectfully towards your friends and family; works hard to fit into this new circle. He allows you some ‘me time’ without complaining.

Puts A Smile On Your Face

Your smile means a lot to him so he works hard to put and leave a smile on your face. He goes out of his way to do the little surprises that put a smile on your face because your happiness is important to him thereby making you have a new meaning in life. The little surprises you discover in the midst of hectic ambiance lift your face; makes everything lovely.

He Pays Attention To You

When you are distressed, heated up or when you are torn between some issues, he listens to you and actually opens your eyes to the options available. He doesn’t judge or cut you off mid-speech but rather finishes your narration sentences for you.

Real Love Puts Up With You

He doesn’t judge you or emphasize your shortcomings; he puts up with you and supports you through rough and good times. Like when you were a mess due to illness; like when he disagreed with your opinion but stood by you; he is the right on for you.

He Doesn’t Give Up On You

He lent you wings that made you fly; you touched the sky because he imparted knowledge that helped you accomplish a dream. When you lose your way, he helps you find a good and safer path. He stood by you so you could stand tall – this is real love baby!

Always Compliments; Never Disparaging

He knows what to say to you to boost your self-confidence; his compliments make you feel more attractive. When forced to be apart, his words of compliments keep you going through your hectic day.

He’s A Great Companion

Being together is just enough; you can stay together without saying anything to each other but feel that peace and contentment and communication flowing within you tow.

Made Beautiful Memories Together

Each season of the year like the summer will remind you something about him because You could remember the trips and project handled together; you can hopeful desire him as your forever.

He’s Got You; Brings Sunshine On Grey Days

Even if the storm is raging, he’s one sure person you can rely upon to calm you and not rain on your parade. He is your perfect go-to-person; he weathers the storm together and gives the best part of that experience.

You Love The Sound And Smell Of Him

Real love starts to sneak in on you; firstly you will love the smell of his cologne. The second part is when you long and love to hear his voice and see the laugh around his eye; committing these to your memory is precedent to falling in love.

You Miss Him Each Time You’re Apart

When you are in each other’s company, you don’t want an end to the ambiance; you don’t like to be apart from him not in a clingy way. You miss him greatly because each day without him is empty. He is living his life for you and you are too but realizing it yet.

His Has Soft Spot For Real Love

He is like a tiger in the jungle outside but with you, he’s all tender and loving. He lets you see both sides of him because he wants you to know what you do to him. Ensure you don’t abuse him.

He Overlooks Your Mistakes; You Can’t Scare Him Off

Your attempted belittling acts at the initial stage of your contact, the cruel and sarcastic words you said to him are forgiven and never brought up ever again. No matter how you try, he isn’t scared of your love. You are comfortable to be with him because he can decipher your real from your fake acts.

You Are Constantly Thinking Or Making Reference To Him

When you mistakenly pops his name in conversation with another person, when you look at public items that you know will please him. You want to watch out for his likes and try to do stuff for him. This is real love creeping on you.

You’re In Love; It’s Obvious

Ultimately, when you look back; you can see his signature in your most activities. You‘re excited and always wanting to hurry back to him. Its obvious girlfriend; you are in love with him.


You can stop the debate about whether you’re in love or not right now because you know real love now. It’s important to at least give as much as you get in a true love relationship; that will grow real love to become love intimacy. Never let the day pass without telling your true love of your feeling; it might be hard initially, but practice makes you be better at it. Good luck with your new found real love.







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