14 Acts That Push Away Men – Huge Mistakes Women Make In Relationships

Any push away drive is what scares men away; it’s like Achilles heel that they can’t handle in their relationship. Why would women do these things that scare guys away when in fact they want the opposite? We all make mistakes; things that push away men are mistakes one shouldn’t make especially when your partner repeatedly told you his feelings about it. It’s totally disrespectful and unacceptable.

push away men

Some women push away men as a push and pull strategy in their relationship. After successfully pushing him away, he disappears, they turn around to ask I pushed him away will he come back? If your trying on how to get him back after pushing him away becomes costly, then the strategy is stupid. Some send away men for fame, while some other women who use men will engage in acts that are turn-offs for guys. These are deliberate acts to push away the guys once they’re tired of that relationship.

When these women push away men, it isn’t like love push – gently pushing someone away because you love them, in the right direction. But men know that what you allow is what will continue, they simply disappear when push away becomes shove away. Regardless of the reasons why women push men away, different men have different push-button levels. Hence, their women should know better than triggering her man’s button.

Basically, women, who are guilty of any of this push away act are pushing him away intentionally or otherwise. Its either you know how to get him back after pushing him away or take a stand on how to stop pushing him away.

14 Mistakes Women Make That Push Away Men

Women With Insecurities Push Away Men

Being clingy girlfriend is one that scares men away. If the situation is my girlfriend is depressed and pushing me away, then you leave him a no better option. Read 7 certified self-healing tips depression and loneliness so that you can impact your health and strength in your relationship as you cant give what you don’t have.

Crying Women; Emotional Display

Its ok to cry once in a while from hurt and pain like a death in the family etc. but becoming a constant hot mess send the wrong signal. Although this isn’t peculiar to Arie’s (season 22 The Bachelor) alone, men can’t handle when women cry or constantly in drama. Men want composure and self-confidence.

Overanalyzing All His Utterances

You want to know him better so you pick, over think and analyze his speech; that’s totally wrong girlfriend. Overanalyzing every one of his moves and misdemeanor is enough to scare him away. Here’s how to not overthink; give him his space and cut him some slacks.

No Transparency In Relationship Push Away Men

What pushes a man away from a woman is when your actions are contrary to your speech. You push away men when confess to being a hopeless romantic but cheats on and does despicable wrongs to them. Blindsiding him in a relationship is a sure way of pushing him away.

Trying To Change Him; Assessing Him Constantly

You have just one power and authority on this earth to change someone; that person is you – no other. When you’re in a relationship, you accept the baggage comprising of yours and his shortcomings. You push men away when you constantly try to change their identity to suit your selfish purpose.

Women Emasculation Push Away Men

Look no further on what pushes a man away from a woman. Women push away men fast by undermining and reducing his worth in every way before family and friends. No man can tolerate this at any level; trust me.

Preaching To Him; Nagging

What men want is a place to go back to at the end of a rough day – a peaceful and quiet place – home. Men disappear for good once where they share together with the girlfriend turns from peaceful to a place of constant quarrel and fights.

Being His Mama Not His Girlfriend

As his mama, he gets everything (bed, breakfast and more) free; as his girlfriend, he should contribute his shares in the love and care. What pushes a man away from women is not having appreciation and value for a women’s devotion and respect. He appreciates better in what he invested. This point doesn’t underscore high maintenance girlfriends in any way.

Giving Ultimatums In Relationships Push Away Men

What pushes a man away in a relationship is telling him it’s my way or the high way! He will commit to you when he is ready and not a second earlier, ultimatums never worked in any relationship. So, carefully weigh your option before giving an ultimatum and engaging self in a mono dialogue as did I push him away?

Expect Him To Be Telepathic

You push way men when your relationship hasn’t reached that intimate love level but you expect him to be telepathic to your feelings. Telepathy is natural and can’t be faked; if you desire to have telepathy with your partner, build it instead of pushing him away with your demands.

Stage Dramas For Attention

Things that turn guys off is drama or trying to be smart, happens often when the women’s climbing social ladder. She’d have told her girlfriends stuff and will stage drama to ensure her desired state is achieved. That’s not push him away to get him back; you’re sending him away to permanently ghost on you.

Showing I-Can-Do-It-Alone Attitude

Oftentimes, successful women negatively exude while some go as far as rubbing it into their partner that they make more money, that they are the better hustler. That’s big mistakes women make with men; forgetting that nothing is static, tomorrow, he may rise higher with a more endowed woman than you.

Having No Value; Lack Of Confidence

You are pushing him away when you bring little or nothing on the table; confidently impress always as his suitable girlfriend. Don’t push away men under the pretense of humility or obedience/submission to his needs. Your relationship should complement you and not complete you.

Comparing Him To Someone Is Pushing Him Away

The fastest way of pushing someone away is to compare him/her with another person. The worst mistake you’ll make as the girlfriend is to compare him to your ex! Comparing him steadily with your ex not only riddles you but will eventually make him your latest ex.  I mean that if your attitude and attribute have the perfect score, why are you still dating?


So, you know what pushes guys away. If you’re guilty of any of these acts, know that you’re pushing someone away in a relationship and have to stop right now!  Don’t engage a push-pull strategy in your relationship that will cost you dearly; him ghosting you. Playing hard to get is for those at the 1st phase of dating and not for couples in relationships. Admitting your true feeling is so much better than drama and regrets.

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