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Do guys get jealous? Absolutely they do, but I never thought I’d wear the jealous boyfriend cap someday. I used to hear more about jealous girlfriend /women until I walked the path of a jealous boyfriend! Guys get jealous over a love interest basically; you’ve got a jealous man when another guy’s lusting or hitting on girlfriend. A.K.A. Jealous boyfriend. Also, if an ex-looks more glam and happy especially with another guy; that’s what makes guys jealous after a break-up. Yours truly was a jealous boyfriend.

Jealous Boyfriend

I wanted healing after the breakup and moving on instead like a jealous man in relationship I began to lose control. Scared of sending mixed signals and labeled the crazy jealous guy, I started acting differently because I wanted her back. Some girls use making a guy jealous as a strategy to solicit commitment in a relationship. That may work when there’s a jealous boyfriend and not irritated guy.

Any jealous man in relationship shows from few to many of the signs below, its key to know them and use them effectively to manage your relationship.

How Men Act When Jealous – 25 Jealous Boyfriend Signs

Acts More As Bodyguard Than Boyfriend

You needn’t ask why does he get so jealous because he knows and sees his competition better than you do. Jealous boyfriend would want to draw blood from any man that’s drooling or hitting on girlfriend.

Jealous Boyfriend Gives Silent Treatment

His way of expressing disapproval/contempt/reaction of the other guy in your life is to give you the silent treatment. He’s threatened and some of his insecurities will manifest in this way, don’t stress it out further.

Suddenly And Exceedingly Loving

Another display of insecurity is when he suddenly becomes more affectionate than you’ve known him because he’s afraid of losing you. This suddenness makes you happy and you fall harder/deeper in love.

Becomes Temporary Unavailable

Jealous man in relationship can fake unavailable by making communication cold. He either wants you to rethink your options properly or hopes that you reach out more towards him than others.

Jealous Boyfriend Can Pretends To Be Sturdy

He’s a jealous guy and is hurting inside but would rather look tougher than he’s letting on; he exudes this ready-to-tackle-anybody-standing on his way to you.

Becomes Unusually Generous

Jealous boyfriend wants to draw everybody’s attention especially yours to his ‘good boy’ side. He treats the waiters and others generously and courteously; all these efforts to draw you closer to him.

Jealous Boyfriend Feels And Exhibits Inadequacy

A jealous boyfriend feeling inadequate will withdraw when spending quality time together. He won’t show excitement and fun side anymore because of fear of losing you to his immediate competition.

Encourages Attention From Other Females

Jealous boyfriend doesn’t mind extra drama if that’s what will make you know he’s yours. Although it’s not his style, he encourages attention from other females while hanging out together to send you a  message.

Tries To Claim Top Of Mind

The jealous boyfriend might not be social media savvy, however, he communicates using all media to remain in your sub conscientious. He tries to get your attention all the time because he doesn’t want to lose you,

Tries To Make Himself Relevant In Your Life

A jealous man in relationship will keep a tab on you and location to ensure nobody is taking his place while absent. He will discreetly drop by or pick up stuff or fix stuff in your house.

Uses Every Media Available To Communicate

Even when heavy social media isn’t his style, he deploys any gizmo or media to reach and stay connected with a girlfriend.

Leaves Unexpectedly During An Outing

The jealous boyfriend may be taking shit from you without you realizing it. So this one time, he storms out dinner because he can’t take it anymore and he needs you to rethink your attitudes towards him.

Jealous Boyfriend Calls The Relationship Quit

It’s weird – men and jealousy; jealous boyfriend will sabotage the relationship because he feels unworthy and intimidated to be your boyfriend. This is where you stoop to express your love and loyalty.

Insists On Ending The Night Abruptly While On Date

Jealous boyfriend can’t handle the threat from other guys so he acts out his insecurities. A jealous man in relationship will almost drag you out of any event once he notices many guys hitting or talking to you.

Reduces Time Spent Together

Jealous boyfriend will suddenly stop or reduce spending time with you but does more guys night out. He feels that he love and commitment in the relationship is more than you want and this hurts him more.

Jealous Boyfriend Will Never Admit To Be Jealous

Admittance portrays weakness in his mind so he keeps acting weird and tough when he’s neither of those.

Wears Blank Facial Expression

Another of the signs of jealousy in a man is if his face goes blank when you mention other guys names. If he probably gives you one-word replies; just reset your approach for clearly, he’s just a jealous guy.

Jealous Boyfriend Acts Not Bothered By You

If a guy acts cold/disinterested but suddenly has face/mood fall on hearing you can’t hang out due to earlier schedules. Know that you’re dating a jealous guy and find other ways to assuage him later.

Yet Digs Update From Your Friends

When a guy gets jealous, he acts weird; while pretending that he’s fine with the break in your communication will go behind you to ask your friend/family/associates about your itinerary/location. It’s a big indication that he likes you.

Jealous Boyfriend Indirectly Follows You Around

He wants to ensure that he’s the girlfriend’s top of mind in all agenda. May indirectly stalk girlfriend; while this has both positive and negative sides but should be seen from a positive angle.

Builds Alliance With Your Family

Jealous boyfriend will quickly build an empathic alliance with your friends and family when he feels most threatened by you in the relationship.

Tone Of Approach Changes

Jealous in man will make him think that confrontation instead of assertiveness will make you appreciative. He will ask you where you have been instead of how was your day/activity going.

May Bug Your Phones/Car

When you’re dating a jealous guy, he doesn’t trust fully and may resort to checking your loyalty with or without your permission. He can even check your car’s mileage to your presented itinerary.

Crushes Your Self Esteem

Jealous boyfriend systematically tears your achievement and power down just so you’re dependent on him as your sole fun/happiness giver. Once your insecurity shows, he’s got you where he wanted.

Jealous Boyfriend Pulls Away While Pushing You Away

A jealous man in relationship who is unsure of your affections will try to shield self from hurt by pulling away first. He wants to ‘cut his loses’ so, intentionally will drive a wedge (not calling or picking calls, neglects you and hangs out with another bruh) in the relationship.


Basically, that’s how men act when jealous. Now you know how and when to reassure your man with simple love expressing gestures/words. You don’t need a jealous boyfriend, trust me; it sucks energy and harms your relationship.


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