Intimate Love – # 1 Recipe | Ways Of Building Intimate Relation

There’s so much more to intimate love than just sex as portrayed in intimate moments photography. Sex with booty call is different from girlfriend because the physical passion is channeled in a clear and precise manner. I don’t mean to disrespect them but guys know what am talking about. An intimate love is interpersonal, involving physical, mental and emotional intimacy, not one or the other. As a key recipe, it turbo charges you for strong and healthy relationship against any curve that life might throw at you.

Intimate Love

Being intimate with someone should be ongoing with emotional closeness in a relationship linking partners in telepathy. Intimate love binds more strongly and permanently. Literally, intimate love is an expression of a blend of devotion, desire, appreciation, trust, and respect. If you’re worried which you’d be on how to be more intimate with your partner, it’s ok because you aren’t clingy. Also, you don’t have to be a fake intimate lover; conscientiously create an intimate relation then, real intimate love emerges.

The path to intimate love is different for different couples. Physical declarations of love if not backed up with the mental and emotional appeal will unintentionally drive many partners away. Although intimate love isn’t concrete (you just feel it), so the partners with lesser emotions may not value its worth in a relationship. But It does underscore the value and position of intimate love in relationships. Having said that, here’s how to make your relationship more intimate.

7 Ways To Keep Intimate Love Stronger And Longer In Relationships

Recognize Your Need For Intimate Love

Couples don’t often categorize what they want but ‘have a need for deeper connection in the relationship. Longing for such need means you’re on the right path of long-lasting relationship. Categorizing this need is key so that your partner know how better to meet the need for intimate love.

Don’t Fake It; Build Natural Intimate Love

Intimate love creeps in on couples who are in love and working on ways to be intimate other than just being intimate in bed only. What am saying is that to have emotional closeness in a relationship link partners in telepathy takes time to build and there are no shortcuts on its path, so, don’t fake it.

Intimacy Is Not Only About Sex

This is a reiteration of an earlier written point. Only being intimate in bed with spouse or partner is a recipe for a break-up in a relationship. There are tips on how to be more intimate with your partner. Constantly saying and expressing your love in different ways lead to deeper connection.

Couple Time Fosters Intimate Love

There is no set time when to be intimate in a new relationship. The best intimate trigger will be to engage in deep connecting things during your couple’s time together. Projects in which both partners have shared values or goal are best in building intimate love in relationships.

Show Your Vulnerability

Let your spouse/partner know how it is with you. You must be transparent, show and communicate your desires, fears, and weaknesses to one another. Don’t give your significant other/spouse an I don’t care attitude because it will drive intimate feelings away and lead to separation if not checked on time.

Let The Past Stay Where It Belongs

The most hurt is inflicted by a loved one; some couples continue with hurt from previous relationships by drawing back on intimate love. Not only are they not giving their relationship opportunity to grow; they are disaster recipe. Let it go and stand your ground; this is your chance at happiness.

Be Trusting

People with trust issues from past experiences will have a tough time working on ways to be intimate with a spouse. The good news is that intimacy can be built. Start by letting hurt go and giving full commitment to what you have. It will be hard initially, but time will make you and your partner more yielding on your path to intimate love.


Once you decide on a strong and long-term relationship; start honing for the key recipe. When you feel and have that intimate love, you’ll be able to treat your partner better because you’ve got the security against the storm and rock that come with relationships. Make your foundation a two thing so that your significant other doesn’t feel undue pressure over wrongly assumed need. The people involved in the relationship should find their unique ways to be intimate.

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