First Date Tips – 7 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up The Tab

Are we still talking about first date tips? First date tips are such an appealing topic as love bug can bite as a student or old school. Many people are still clueless about what to do on a first date especially in this age where any gender can initiate date and hashtag movements where allegation made by a female can simply ruin a man. First date tips for men needs updating. Men need to be well informed on things to do on a first date with regards to the bills and the choices open on the first date tips Let’s hear from the streets.


Fist Date Tips

On casual first date tips, your first date should be a coffee date; you can get our previously written article to know the obvious reasons. Dinner date(s) should happen when individuals are comfortable with each other; then, you may explore the romantic first date ideas. Agreeably; time’s changed but first date tips still tow the traditional line of men picking the dinner bill. Regardless of having great first dates or the female initiating the date idea, men should pick first date bills; the street’s view supports it.

Some feminists said that men should do the chasing and the asking out and pick the bills as first date tips. The biological reason as ordained by the Creator is that female eggs don’t swim up to the sperm. Hence its men’s job to fight for territory, take care of women and women to feel taken care of even if they are strong and independent. And the balance feminist support either splitting or picking the total bill. Some females offer to split hoping that the guy will insist but tough luck if it doesn’t go as planned.

A Look At Dutch Dating Style In The First Date Tips

Furthermore, the first date tips for men need not change within the age and needs of a woman’s context. Assuming she’s had more than one relationship/marriage, is independent, and you, paying on your first date makes her uncomfortable, trust me, you probably wouldn’t want a relationship even after setting your dating rule.

Splitting the cost a.k.a  dutch dating should be adopted when one is content and eager to undertake such cost; don’t force it. Also, using dutch dating style prompts friend zoning especially if it isn’t first dates abroad. You desire relationship to start on a friendly note but you’re leaving a confusing message indirectly with splitting the bills. To abide by the first date tips that guys pick the bill on first dates; you need smart planning.

Dutch dating is the probably the most advocated pattern among same-sex on the first date tips. Each partner of same-sex relationship isn’t clouded by traditions and so could unanimously adopt the split the bill model. This arrangement is working well as there isn’t whining from any dissatisfied party.

7 Reasons Why First Date Tips Say Pick Up The Tab

Here is a rule of the thumb;

First Date Tips: Be Thankful

If you are taken care of during while dating; first date tips demand that you say thank you in an honest manner. Appreciation gladdens the heart but disrespect or conceit saddens the heart.

First Date Tips; To Share Is To Care

Endeavor to contribute somewhere like paying for transport or nightcap when your first date bill and the subsequent dates are taken care of. Sharing is caring. Contribution equally shows you value the other person and the good time you share.

Make Clear Opening Statement

Take care of the bills on first dates and second dates; you may accept splitting for subsequent outings. As first date tips go, you have made a clear opening statement to your date by simply picking the tabs. When you avoid paying or you split bills, you leave your date a chance to determine how to go without factoring your in.

Know Friendzoned Area From First Date Tips

Attitudes on first dates determine how the relationship will run. It’s common for friends to share bills but to prevent being friend-zoned, take care of the bill on your first date. It may be costlier trying to convert to a relationship. 

Go For Cute Date Ideas

From first date tips, pick date ideas within your budget. It would be an ideal first date and still affordable if you are able to hold a great conversation. Any cute date ideas can work for you;  if outing was rated poorly, don’t whine about it.

Make A Good 1st Impression

It’s important to create a lasting 1st impression, however, don’t go overboard trying to impress anybody because your intent will be obvious someday. First Date tips critically encourage making a good impression on the first date because you may never have a second chance at second impression.

First Date Tips Says Be Comfortable

Adopt same application on dating women of big age and status, like if it’s her 1st date after a 1st relationship or 2nd marriage.  As the man, you’d be comfortable with what works for you on first dates while adapting her orientation for subsequent dates.


Be traditional; make good and clear 1st impression on your first date, you’ll be glad you did in retrospect someday. If adopting the above tips makes your date uncomfortable, then, you probably wouldn’t want to have relationship anyways. There is nothing wrong with accepting a gentleman’s treating but modesty and respect is the key.

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