Wife Material Checklist – 30 Traits Men Look For In A Woman To Marry

Wife Materia

Sometimes, you may hear a mother describing son’s girlfriend as ‘not a wife material’. Strange as it might seem to the ladies, guys think about marriage when dating so, pursuing a girl for my wife material is the key intention. These guys want to daily wake up next to someone… Continue reading

Why The Cheating Women – Women’s Infidelity | Relationship Anxiety 

Cheating Women

The question shifted from why women cheat as new trends emerge on women’s infidelity study to cheating women’s antics. Women were cheated on in many marital affairs; the reality now is that cheating women are ripping open more hearts. There are many relationship anxiety prompting another question of who cheats… Continue reading

First Fight – When Does The First Fight Happen In A Relationship  

First Fight

You are wondering when the first fight happens in a relationship. You also probably want to know how to mend fences after your first fight. How to make relationship stronger after the dating fight. Well, don’t feel alone in this because all couples first fight before each partner learns the… Continue reading

Why Single People Rock – Single And Fabulous | Singles Motive

Single People

Single people don’t have anything to lose but everything to gain being single. I refer to all single people at various stages in the life cycle. Whether they are fresh from colleges or in their 30’s and 40’s. I call all single people ‘single and fabulous’.  Here is why. ,… Continue reading