25 Jealous Boyfriend Signs – Guys and Jealousy | What Makes Guys Jealous  

Jealous Boyfriend

Do guys get jealous? Absolutely they do, but I never thought I’d wear the jealous boyfriend cap someday. I used to hear more about jealous girlfriend /women until I walked the path of a jealous boyfriend! Guys get jealous over a love interest basically; you’ve got a jealous man when… Continue reading

Hookup To Relationship – 12 Moves To Turn Hookup Culture Around

hookup to relationship

The counseled wants a hookup to relationship change was my final interpretation.  This chick at one of the therapy sessions sobbed ‘all I want is a boyfriend but hookups continue to trail me. Initially, I didn’t get it. She’s pretty, smart and has a nice job I mean getting a… Continue reading

30 Great Conversation Starters With A Girl – Make Great 1st Impressions

30 Great Conversation starters

Whether you fancy interesting or funny conversation starters; do always aim for great conversation starters.  Good pick-up lines go further to earn you a spot long after the meeting is over. Great conversation starters leave behind good 1st impressions; ‘cute’ conversation isn’t cute if it fails to achieve the intent? Do… Continue reading

Tons Of Ways To Make A Girl Happy – Get The Girl | Keep The Girl 

Girl Happy

To keep the girl happy is effortlessly easy when you know what to do. The popular quote ‘human beings are insatiable’ turned to ‘women are insatiable’ by guys who couldn’t make their girlfriend happy. The fuss is more on neglect to what makes a girl happy than on poor provision. Guys… Continue reading