Find A Girlfriend – 11 Smart Ways On How To Find Girlfriend

Find A Girlfriend

Hey dude, do you want to find a girlfriend? Has it been difficult for you to find a girlfriend of your choice? Start with yourself. I know it sounds nasty but most times, you’re your worst enemy with your self-erected impediments. You cannot be a good, considerate and consistent lover… Continue reading

A Workaholic – 11 Steps On How To Love A Workaholic Man | Spouse Care

A workaholic

Dating with healthy relationship intentions generally is challenging but dating a workaholic presents its unique group of trials. Being in a relationship with a workaholic means working extra hard to keep it healthy and strong. A workaholic prioritizes his work above his relationship; doesn’t make him a bad guy though.… Continue reading

Attractive Men – 9 Tips On How To Attract Husband From Attractive Men

Attractive men

You don’t want any attractive men; you want to attract a good man, you want to attract a husband. What women find attractive in men ranges from physical appearance, sensitivity on nature, animal, and man to financial stability. Oftentimes, these qualities can overlap for the definition of attractive men. What men… Continue reading

High-Value Woman – 15 Exclusive Reasons Why Men Fall In Love With Them

High-value woman

Some women don’t get it when men flock to a high-value woman; they feel upset despite having the seemingly desirable attributes. Sexy and beauty are some of what make a woman attractive but aren’t most attractive personality traits in a woman. Men fall in love and are addicted to high… Continue reading

Rebound Girl-10 Ways To Handle Her And Make Rebound Relationship Work

Dating Rebound Girl

Being a training wheel girlfriend sucks, rebound girl is very brave in trying to love again after heartbreak. A rebound relationship isn’t totally a bad relationship if partners are honest about filling the void created by an ex. After heartbreak, it becomes impossible to move on; rebound girl needs to… Continue reading