Find A Girlfriend – 11 Smart Ways On How To Find Girlfriend

Find A Girlfriend

Hey dude, do you want to find a girlfriend? Has it been difficult for you to find a girlfriend of your choice? Start with yourself. I know it sounds nasty but most times, you’re your worst enemy with your self-erected impediments. You cannot be a good, considerate and consistent lover… Continue reading

How To Respect Women  And Treat A Woman Right | Why Respect Women

Respect Women

Is the respect women topic relatable to you because you have a female in your life or family? Am sorry, but that doesn’t amount to much, the best relation would be for you to wear women’s ‘shoes’. That way, you would know exactly where it hurts and how. There’s little… Continue reading

A Workaholic – 11 Steps On How To Love A Workaholic Man | Spouse Care

A workaholic

Dating with healthy relationship intentions generally is challenging but dating a workaholic presents its unique group of trials. Being in a relationship with a workaholic means working extra hard to keep it healthy and strong. A workaholic prioritizes his work above his relationship; doesn’t make him a bad guy though.… Continue reading

25 Jealous Boyfriend Signs – Guys and Jealousy | What Makes Guys Jealous  

Jealous Boyfriend

Do guys get jealous? Absolutely they do, but I never thought I’d wear the jealous boyfriend cap someday. I used to hear more about jealous girlfriend /women until I walked the path of a jealous boyfriend! Guys get jealous over a love interest basically; you’ve got a jealous man when… Continue reading

Attentionwhore – 15 Spot Signs | Solution When Dating An Attention Seeker


If you’ve ever dated attentionwhore, you’d know this. All attentionwhores will string you along while receiving validation from you to suit their ego and selfish agenda. Anybody craving attention is unstable and insecure for someone who craves attention lacks self-respect and earns respect from nobody. You love this person (attention… Continue reading