Attentionwhore – 15 Spot Signs | Solution When Dating An Attention Seeker

If you’ve ever dated attentionwhore, you’d know this. All attentionwhores will string you along while receiving validation from you to suit their ego and selfish agenda. Anybody craving attention is unstable and insecure for someone who craves attention lacks self-respect and earns respect from nobody. You love this person (attention seeker) and have doubts; the real deal is in having the presence of mind to detect if you’re dating an attention seeker and the emotional capacity to part with attentionwhore.


Initially, you won’t notice the pattern of operation because an attentionwhore is smart to cover up tracks. Later, you’d notice when your girlfriend wants attention other than yours but then, you’ll be emotionally awash as to act decisively. Now, Instagram attention whoring is easy to detect but if unsure about dating an attention seeker, the following signs come handy.  Your relationship should be a safe haven but when involved with an attentionwhore, it turns unattractive, irritating and annoying. I can tell you that much.

There’s a professional aspect of attentionwhore! Failing career will be revived by dating social butterflies or A-list celebrities. Disgusting? I know! Such dating boosts self-image and re-launch careers like a projectile. Few dates know the intent and receive settlements but almost all attentionswhores blindside their dates. Here are surefire and red flags that will help you make a call on your relationship.

15 Signs That Spot An Attentionwhore

You’re The Filler Not The Main Attention

An attentionwhore has a pattern of spending unscheduled time with you.  The time together is spent between grabbing an ice cream, checking phone constantly and bailing out to meet friends or games. It’s a sure sign that you’re dating an attention seeker who plans on spending no quality time with you.

Attentionwhore Gives Very Ambiguous Replies

Someone who craves attention will always give vague and non-committed answers; making a leeway emergency escape. Attentionwhore isn’t sure of being available no matter how accommodating your dinner date plan might be because you’re not the main attraction.

You Don’t See Visible Progress

When you go on mono dialogue, you’ll discover that you’ve made no or little progress beyond the initial acquaintance. That’s a sign of attention seeking at play, any further attempt from you to straighten relationship will lead you working against yourself.

Attentionwhore Ignores Your Text But Interacts On Social Media

That’s part of the attention seeking strategy; having multiple active followers. Attention seeker would rather interact with on Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram. If you attempt to plan a date, you will either get breadcrumbing or completely ghosted.

Attentionwhore Hands Out Ready Made Excuses

If you’re dating an attention seeker, you need to anticipate replies; attentionwhore is smart with ready-made excuse why things are the way they are. From ‘no, it’s my fault, am trying to get over my ex to am not ready to commit. You may fall and give empathy, but in the end, there’s isn’t any interest in you whatsoever only for attention purposes.

Always Last Minute Cancellation

Oh yes, attentionwhore will call you to fix date (making it look like a loving initiator). As the date draws closer, BAM! A late call either shifts or cancels your earlier fixed date, it happens not once, not twice. My friend, know that you’re with someone who craves attention.

Attentionwhore Doesn’t Update Dating Statues

Social media especially instagram attention whoring is very important to attentionwhores. They live their lives in the social media but someone who is craving attention will intentionally not update statues on same platform. Attentionwhore isn’t ready to commit to any type of relationship because such move will stop more attention from coming.

You’re Not In The Future Plans

Your opinion or how you feel doesn’t concern an attentionwhore; you’re fit for purpose hence doesn’t want to change anything about the way things are moving.

Attentionwhore Has Annoying Phone Manners

Dating an attention seeker means that you’ll need to manage the excessive interruptions from the phone. Checking, replying and making faces while on the phone can be annoying. You’ll share time spent with another person whom you may or may not know.

Attentionwhore Knows Good Times Only

Attentionwhore will hang out on specific occasion where and when maximum attention other than yours is received. Attention seeker will be available (not to support you) when you’re promoted, bought new care or throwing house warming party but, never when sick or dealing with life’s ugly curves.

Dating Pattern Has Specific Time Schedule

Do you two meet on specific days/times? Someone who craves attention is smart to hide motive. Of course, excuses will be presented. You’ll be called paranoid when you question the regimen but I can tell you that you’re dating an attention seeker. Anyone who wants to be with you makes time and effort.

Attentionwhore Pulls Your String

In attentionwhore’s mind, you need compensation for sticking around so you get rare reward for not being naughty. I know it so very unhealthy hence you should know when to cut this string.

More People Warning Than Warming Up

Usually, everybody knows but you that you’re dating an attention seeker! Your love pulls a wool over your eye hence you’re unable to see the signs of attention seeking girl/man well ahead.

Attentionwhore Thrives In Stirring Up Jealousy

The more the drama, the more the attention and the merrier. Attentiowhore thrives in drawing bad blood between friends if not carefully dealt with.

You Start Sensing Something Off

By this time, you would have started to strongly piece the missing puzzles together. Yes, the feelings are neither mutual not tending to converge.


Now, you have diagnosed that you’re dating an attention seeker, next is knowing how to deal with attention seeker? Apply suitable method when dealing with attentionwhore be it in a committed relationship or mere dating. However, if your significant other or spouse is an attentionwhore, you may consider these pragmatic three steps. First be patient, then self-confidently guide attentionwhore so that you become the main attraction instead of the filler and finally be the great lover.

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