25 Jealous Boyfriend Signs – Guys and Jealousy | What Makes Guys Jealous  

Jealous Boyfriend

Do guys get jealous? Absolutely they do, but I never thought I’d wear the jealous boyfriend cap someday. I used to hear more about jealous girlfriend /women until I walked the path of a jealous boyfriend! Guys get jealous over a love interest basically; you’ve got a jealous man when… Continue reading

Attentionwhore – 15 Spot Signs | Solution When Dating An Attention Seeker


If you’ve ever dated attentionwhore, you’d know this. All attentionwhores will string you along while receiving validation from you to suit their ego and selfish agenda. Anybody craving attention is unstable and insecure for someone who craves attention lacks self-respect and earns respect from nobody. You love this person (attention… Continue reading

Love Rejection – How To Reject A Guy Nicely | 9 Polite Rejection Kits  

Love Rejection

Love rejection is the worst thing that can happen to anybody; we’re created and thrive in love. Some guys facing love rejections become confused when signs of she rejected me but still acts interested are displayed and others when feeling rejected by everyone, are helpless in dealing with rejection. Polite… Continue reading

Attractive Men – 9 Tips On How To Attract Husband From Attractive Men

Attractive men

You don’t want any attractive men; you want to attract a good man, you want to attract a husband. What women find attractive in men ranges from physical appearance, sensitivity on nature, animal, and man to financial stability. Oftentimes, these qualities can overlap for the definition of attractive men. What men… Continue reading

1st Time Mothers Day – Top 9 First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1st time mothers

1st time mothers have disparate emotions; elation over her bundle of joy to anxiety/irritation of weight gained and being step(s) out of rhythm. Although marking first mother’s day isn’t on the list, however, 1st time mother’s day becomes an opportunity of giving her a surprise. The two principles that appreciate… Continue reading